Yes! Jess Van Nostrand is creating The Project Room at 1315 E Pine Street, to open in July 2011.

It's not just a gallery, it's a conceptual center, "support[ing] works-in-progress by raising questions relevant to contemporary life. By asking a particular question over a specified period of time, TPR will present programming that that investigates and discusses this question from different points of view and through different creative disciplines," Van Nostrand wrote in an email.

TPR will publish an online journal, and its website will be launched soon.

For 2011-2012, the question on the table is, "Why Do We Make Things?"

The first program features Seattle artist Mandy Greer, who for two months will use TPR as an open studio where drop-ins are welcome and events invite people for specific activities. After Greer attends a residency in Iceland in the fall of 2012, she'll return to present a completed body of work in the form of a site-specific exhibition and a performance piece at TPR.

Greer is first and last for the year, but in between, other artists and thinkers will lead the explorations. Van Nostrand said she's talking with Seattle artist John Grade for this fall. Stay tuned.