In this week's Stranger, I write about a knotty federal lawsuit in which the major question is this:

Can a private gay softball association, in an effort to keep straight athletes in the minority during the Gay Softball World Series, discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation?

In the comments, however, this "Can a private gay softball association blah blah?" question is not actually the most important question. In the comments, the most important question is whether the gays should be engaging in this kind of discrimination. Commenter sahara29 asks:

Setting aside the ridiculous policing of another person's sexual expression, isn't it a GOOD thing that "straight" players would want to join a gay team?

Mister G doesn't think so, and sees a parallel to unwelcome straight interlopers in gay bars:

This reminds me a little bit of all the straight people, especially women, who come to gay bars, often brought there by their gay male friends... It really pisses me off.

Which really pisses judgmenatlist off:

He does not speak for all gay men. Don't read these comments and get the idea the rest of us have a chip on our shoulder or want to be ghettoized.

Ephemeroptera, however, does see a non-ghettoizing case for trying to keep the Gay Softball World Series as gay as possible:

Sometimes being a good ally is recognizing when a group of people needs something that just belongs to them. In this case, I think the best ally would go and cheer for their favorite gay team and then buy them a beer after.

Which is not what commenter softballer thinks gay softball needs:

Having played in the gay softball league for 20 years, I called this a long time ago. You can not discriminate and then bitch about being discriminated against.

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