RIP, Cafe Septieme


I'll never forget the Tres Leche...
I'll never forget how Rodney's pearls and charm could make it not such a problem that the kitchen was having yet another off night.
And more of Broadway dies off to make room for more multi-national chains!!
makes sense to colocate parking below ground for 362 vehicles near a light rail station, if only to get all those people in the rest of Capitol Hill to use the station, and to build a seven story retail/housing project there. I wonder how much bike capacity the garage will have, and how many plug-in vehicle parking spaces at prime locations?

That said, I miss the original restaurant and have fond memories of hanging out there.
I'd have given the headline "Requiem for Septieme." Its schnitzel was the shizzle.
i wish that every new building on bway didn't have to occupy the entire block to be feasible.
Cafe Septieme was an imperialist colonizer on Broadway. Long live Andy's Diner!!!
Is the new building being made out of Lego? 'Cause that's what it looks like.
Where's the full disclosure, Dominic?

This is where you were a waiter, right before being tapped as the news editor, amirite? lol
Are the facades being taken down now? The rear parts of those buildings had already been demo'd.

I noticed they salvaged the "FIRST NATIONAL BANK" sign a while ago. Any idea where it's going to end up?
holy shit. man im not going to recognize that place if i ever go back. ill always remember that place for the waiter complimenting me on my big soft penis as i was trying to take a leak. yes ladies, it happens to men too.
what @7 said! Still miss getting breakfast at Andy's.
Er, well, I guess it looks...dense? Maybe that's good?

You stupid poseurs have no idea how great the original (original) Cafe Septieme in Belltown (and it wasn't even called "Bell Town" because it was just a bunch of artists in old car garages) was that had seven tables, and you could talk your drink orders to the barista over the open counter.

No idea at all.

But then again, you have no idea why this matters, poseurs:…
I have such fond memories of Andy's Diner - when I moved to Seattle I was still a vegatarian and about the only thing on their menu I could eat was the cheese omelet, but it was 2 bucks, so I ate there a lot. Sigh....
man i can't wait for quiznos #3 broadway
Predictably hideous.
Well folks, this is what transit-oriented development looks like. Sorry you lost a restaurant you liked, and sorry if the design of the new building doesn't suit your particular tastes, but this is a net positive. We need density around those stations. Keeping them surrounded by single story small retail doesn't make any sense.
So it was called Andy's before that? I have vague memories of getting breakfast there in the 80s - when the bathrooms were clean.

For some reason I recall a back door and people smoking in the sunlight there. Not out front - out back.
For all you haters on this new project - which will no doubt improve Broadway's image & street life - I'm looking forward to the innnovative new retail such as an AT&T store, a tanning salon & a Chase Bank branch.
Don't forget the dry cleaners and the framing store.
I miss Eggcetera. Well, pretty soon all of Kapitol Hill will look the same with the same boxy buildings on every corner.
Seriously. Who goes to tanning salons? They're all over the fucking place. They make no sense to me. They give you cancer. They make you old. Who the fuck goes to tanning salons?!
@25 morons. You know, people who watch MTV.
the people who are moving into Broadway and capitol hill because it is trendy now.
The demolition of perfectly functional historical buildings is one of the greatest reason I see to leave Seattle. Sad that there is no value in history, (never mind the fact that all the limousine environmentalists fail to see the embedded carbon emissions in old buildings and the huge carbon emissions in constructing new ones in their place). And can't you wait 6 months down the line when we discover that the economy isn't really coming back, and that will remain a semi-permanent hole on Broadway? Either that, or more subways, nail and tanning salons, and teriyaki take-out on Capitol Hill!
All I want to say is that while density is desirable, and maybe even necessary along transit, it doesn't have to look like that. It doesn't have to be a predictable, bland, developer-driven design that has nothing to do with Seattle or what Capitol Hill means as a cultural center in the northwest. Just a missed opportunity.
ah, septieme. just used my ashtray from there this afternoon.
I have no memories of what was there and I'm pretty sure I won't have any memories of what's to come.
Oh Oh OH!!! I hope we get a Panda Express!
The NOAH's awnings are on craigslist.

I heard they've already leased some of the ground level retail to a Starbucks and a Thai restaurant...
Is there really any reason to GO to Broadway anymore? The only places I visit anymore are Dick's and Than Brothers and maybe Redlight twice a year...everything else is just...meh.
Can't believe there's some architect at "Runberg Architecture Group" who's actually going to pretend to take pride in such a piece of shit building. The block--the entire street--would be better served by leaving the debris there; it'd never be less interesting than what's replacing it.
Looks more like Ruinberg and Associates to me.
Slow clap @37
@25, people like 16
the funny thing is that bonnie watson is still there right, with their parking lot? right? if so bonnie watson will outlast everything
Dilletante's must be gone then too, although I seem to recall them moving. Nonetheless the destruction of the building where I banged my girlfriend on the prep cook table somehow made me feel mortal and sad.
I'll go against the garin here. The building is oversized, generic, and dull, and will be filled with generic and dull retail for a decade or two until it ages into something more interesting. But in the long run this will bring more people to the neighborhood. And really, Cafe Septieme was one of the few things on that half-block that wasn't already pretty generic.