A Revealing Email from the Hate-Filled American Family Association


Are Slog readers allowed to shop anywhere?
No one should be buying porn at fucking Sears. I fully support this.
I love Sears! Their SODO store is the best. Easy parking, an it's never crowded. It was better before they got rid of the candy counter and cafeteria, and closed the "bargain basement", but it's still a good store.

And the Southcenter Sears - the former Frederick & Nelsn - is the most glamorous Sears ever!
Wait...Sears had porn?
They much prefer to beat off to the Sears catalog like real Americans.
Sure @4, why do you think their catalog has been a ubiquitous fixture in outhouses for the past 120 years or so?

Corsets & bloomers! Woo-Hoo!
@6 I figured that was just for their gym and underwear sections.

Penney's had better ones, if I remember right.
@7 - you do.
Then you must be a lot older than me - the only part of the Sears Catalog that ever gave me anything close to a stiffie was the annual "Toyland Christmas Section" - and that was just because, to an eight year-old, TOYS=PRON!
Funny thing about the Sears catalog (I have a couple of them from the '60's). The ladies undergarments feature big perky bosoms, but the men's underwear department seems to have made a point of being modest. You would think they were all a bunch of Ken Dolls.

Yet I do remember looking at the men's underwear section for my early pubescent jollies. Maybe it's just that we've gotten so used to crass displays of men's junk?
I hate the fact that anytime someone caves to demands that it makes the person making those demands appear they were right.
I'm wearing a skanky dress I bought at Sears and the AFA can suck it.