That's some subject line. The email it came with is after the jump.

So how do you get 4 homosexuals on a barstool? Turn it upside down! Ha! Is that funny? No? Why not—they like stuff up their ass don;t they? yes but the overall tone/effect/gestalt of the joke is to convey derision and disrespect. it's the kind of joke i'm sure you got sick of seeing people tolerate and pass on.

However you replied to an obviously fake letter with a snotty putdown of vegans. Some guy said his mistresss wanted him to eat bland slop, what should he do? You said look for a vegan restaurant. Isnt that boorish stupid jock behavior just meant to belittle? The taste of food depends on how its prepared regardless of whether is vegan or not. Veganism is about animal rights, individual rights, the environment, its a broader issue than one persons taste, and i know what you're thinking Johnny One Note "Vegans can get married and i cant so Fuck You Douchetard" Vegans get their rights violated just as bad when ther cant get decent food in hospitals, jails, various institutions + lots of places all over, and frankly Dan if you think you're plight is any greater than the plight of any other oppressed group, you are a jackass. Being gay is not as difficult as being crippled or black. Its like being left handed. 10% always have been/will be, and sure it's a choice; You can use your right hand if you want to , it just doesnt feel as comfy. Its a hell of a lot more of a choice than being born with a club foot or extra melanin. Your readers are mostly immature impressionable people, now they think it's okay to trash vegans. One day, just as lefthanders are no longer maligned, you too will be able to get married, and you can hasten your cause by not alienating many many potential allies with your arrogance and frequent insults. Havent seen your utube jive but how about posting an apology to all the people youve bullied just to show how sincere you are? you dont have to list them or anything there isnt enough hard drive space but say "to any of the millions i've pissed on SORRY"

Standing Against Lame Arrogant Dan Savage

I'll going to get right on that apology, SALAD.