Bring Them Home (Preferably Alive): 4 US soldiers killed in blast in Afghanistan.

Dorothy Parvaz: Vanished?

Pleading Pirates: "Eight men charged with piracy in the hijacking of a yacht that left four Americans, including a Seattle couple, dead will enter plea agreements," reports the Associated Press.

"Notice of Sourcing": The Defense Department has notified the Washington National Guard that 3,000 members could be called up for overseas missions.

Move Over, Pepe Le Pew—There's a New Allegedly Rapey French Skunk in Town: Dominique Strauss-Kahn denied bail in NYC while French journalist comes forward with new/old rape claims.

Lurking Serial Groper: Targeting petite women near Federal Way bus stops.

Hate Crime Charges: Filed against the two young women caught on video beating a transgender women in McDonald's.

Ten Million Dollars: Raised by Mitt Romney in one day.

Today in Boning the Maid: Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to fathering child with member of his household staff.

Welcome! Now Get in This Broiler: Season's first shipment of Copper River salmon arrive from Alaska.

Well, They Do Have All 756 Episodes of 'Murder She Wrote': Netflix Streaming internet traffic overtakes web surfing.

Finally, today's musical birthdays include Enya (born on this day in 1961) and Trent Reznor (1965) but linking to Nine Inch Nails before 9 a.m. seems cruel but linking to Enya anytime seems dumb so here's some cruelty.