Because it would be absurd to ask people to read indoors during Seattle's Only Season™, the annual summer hiatus for the reading party starts now. We'll start back up with special guests, live classical music, and drink specials the first Wednesday of the month in October, when the weather turns horrifying again.

Shout-out to the special guests this season, including Gary Shteyngart, Rebecca Brown, Heather McHugh, Jason Finn, Ellen Forney, Derek Erdman, Sarah Rudinoff, Dow Constantine, Sean Nelson, Lynn Shelton, John Roderick, Megan Griffiths, Lindy West, Dave Hernandez, Linda Derschang, Susanna Welbourne, Lead Pencil Studio, Cary Moon, and Kyle O'Quin.

During the hiatus, of course, you are strongly encouraged to go to the Fireside Room and read whenever you feel like it. It's great in there.