If a large and credible study—say one conducted by the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center—found higher levels of tolerance for LGBT people in formerly socialist countries like Russia and the Czech Republic, social conservatives would be screaming that tolerance for sexual immorality is one of the lingering consequences of that terrible, no-good, really-bad socialism stuff that Barack Obama wants to shove down all of our throats. But the NORC study found lower levels of tolerance for sexual minorities in formerly socialist countries...

The study concludes that "overwhelmingly, societies have become more accepting of homosexual behavior." Thirty-one countries were identified with data that showed trends in public opinion about homosexual behavior. Of those, approval of homosexuality increased in 27 countries and in only 4 countries did it decrease: Russia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, and Latvia. Moreover, the growth in approval was stronger than the decline. The one regional trend that was identified was that changes tended to be slower or reversed in Russia and other ex-Socialist countries.

If fighting the gay agenda is the #1 priority of the religious right—and that's what they've said it is—then America's religious conservatives should be advocating for socialism. Priorities, people!

The study is here.