My babydaddy's pre-pride club night party thing with Raja, Vockah Redu, a giant bouncy castle, and a hugely rude sex-advice columnist is coming up—tickets on sale now—and one or two handwringers have taken issue with the headdresses on the poster.

Hm... kinda reminds of the dustup over Jen's quickie is-it-or-isn't-it-racist poll about a headdress-featuring window display at Indian Summer on Summit. Turned out the owner of Indian Summer... is a Native American! So Jen was wrong to cry/imply/suggest racism because a Native American can plonk a headdress in a window display if she wantsta. Jen apologized for her quickie poll. Because! Native American!

To the two folks who are crying racism because of the headdresses on the TROUBLE poster: the person who designed the poster—the person who plonked those headdresses on those heads—is a chunk Chippewa. A big chunk. So presumably he's free to plonk headdresses on posters when he wantsta, right? We good now?

And did I mention Raja? Bouncy castle? Vockah Redu? DJ Sammy Jo? And sex-advice you won't get anywhere else (besides here, here, and here)? Tickets!