Sure the Canucks won last night. And it was a pretty exciting game to watch! It was scoreless until Raffi Torres hit one into the net with only 18 seconds left to play in the third period, assisted by (I think) Kessler. Neat, right?

Sort of. From the first period, both teams were making stupid penalty mistakes and letting their emotions get the best of them. I love a good hockey fight, but last night's shoving matches didn't have any strategy to them. Players were flying off the handle every chance they got. Bruins, you can't afford to put the Canucks on the power play. They're insane on the power play! And Vancouver, you can't afford to lose any players. For example...

Alex Burrows, what the fuck were you thinking? YOU BIT BERGERON!?

There's no biting in hockey! Some folks expect to see a suspension after that move, potentially keeping Burrows out of Game 2, which fucks up the (creepy) Sedin's line. We'll know more after the NHL meets with Burrows this afternoon.

Ultimately, it was great that the Canucks won. I cheered. "Hooray!" and whatnot. But if they keep playing like that, like thugs who can't control their emotions, then they're fucked in this series.