Come rub my elbow with your elbow!
  • "Come rub my elbow with your elbow!"
I am so pleased to announce next week's new and improved and evolved son of Slog Happy: Tom Skerritt Happy Hour!

It's called Tom Skerritt Happy Hour in honor of the final week of SIFF, and also because everyone's favorite Tom Skerritt, Tom Skerritt, will ACTUALLY BE THERE! All Skerritting around and stuff! With you!

Tom Skerritt Happy Hour will take place NEXT Wednesday, June 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Vermillion Gallery and Wine Bar (1508 11th Ave) is graciously hosting, and providing some Skerriffic food and drink specials, including the Top Gun (a Rainier tallboy and a shot of Jack, $7) and the Sloppy Sheriff Jimmy Brock (sloppy joes, $3 each).

See you there, loved ones!