Is case you haven't been following this hothothot story, gay-rights activists are petitioning the Space Needle to fly a giant gay-pride flag this year, which the Space Needle did for the first time last year, to the celebration of 'mosexuals and the constipation of 'publicans. Officially, the petitioners said "the Space Needle has not committed to raising the Pride flag."

Not committed or outright refused, anti-gay or anti-flag? This morning, Space Needle Spokeswoman Mary Bacarella writes that "we are not flying the flag again."

Bacarella continues: "We are now partnering with Seattle Out and Proud and giving them the flag. We are proud and excited to know that this flag will be leading the Gay Pride Parade this year! As you should know, we don’t make a habit of flying flags on top of the Space Needle. In fact, we make an effort not to fly any flags on a recurring basis." That said, Bacarella notes that the Space Needle loves it some gays, is working with the sponsors of the gay pride parade on a major fundraiser, and "will continue to be a strong supporter and advocate of diversity for everyone in Seattle."

So, gays, they love you/us/rainbows. They just hate flags (which sounds suspiciously like hating fags, amirite?) And if you want evidence, the Space Needle even rejected the Seattle Center's request to fly a 50th anniversary flag this April. "They told us they weren't going to be doing that for any group any more," says Seattle Center spokeswoman Deborah Daoust. "They are getting out of the flag-flying business." So I guess they'll never fly that 12th Man flag again, eh?