Come Skerritt with me!
  • Come Skerritt with me!

I know, I know—it is going to be too nice to go to the movies today. But you could take a leisurely sunglassed walk there, and then a movie theater is SPF 100%, and there is popcorn, and then, miraculously, STILL SUN when you emerge. Perfect!

· Cienna Madrid will play “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” on a half-size violin that she bought in a dollar store until you see Sound of Noise, a “really fucking funny” movie about six musical anarchists determined to destroy the foundation of music as we know it. Their instruments: “power lines, drugged hospital patients, bank notes.” (Earplugs are not required to attend the screening.)

Aaaaaand, in case you missed these DON'T MISSes on Friday:

· Andrew Wright requires you to view Small Town Murder Songs, with a born-again policeman, an investigation of a murdered local girl, "a real knack for unpredictable pacing and quietly devastating revelations," and an amazing soundtrack, among other things. This is the rare film that, according to Mr. Wright, should actually have been longer.

· David Schmader firmly directs your eyeballs, etc., to 71-Into the Fire, a documentary about "the notorious mid-'70s attempt to raise a chimp in human surroundings." Oh, wait, no, that's another film. This is a "toweringly accomplished" film about a battle in the Korean War, and not a documentary at all. Pardon me.

· Paul Constant says you must go see The Whisperer in Darkness! He calls it "the most compelling proof to date that there is a way to bring H.P. Lovecraft to cinematic life." He also promises that "the needle on the creep-meter goes through the roof," or else you can punch him in the creep-meter.

Here is all of SIFF!

And don't forget Tom Skerritt Happy Hour at Vermillion next Wednesday!

This post made with the valiant assistance of unpaid intern Katherine Long, who blurbed the first blurb and cut and pasted some stuff. Thank you, Katherine.