I guess a ferris wheel killed the dinosaurs. Or made them sleepy.
  • rohfilmverleih/film still from "Catapult"
  • I guess a ferris wheel killed the dinosaurs. Or made them sleepy.

First, thanks to Slog-tipper Vic for sending me this photo of Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in Berlin. The above image is a still from a documentary, Achterbahn (Catapult), about the owner of the park. You can see more images of Spreepark from French photographer Guillaume Blanchon here.

Second, Jack Horner (rock-star paleontologist) discusses duplicates in our labeling of dinosaurs in his TED talk, which the Smithsonian posted on their dinosaur blog:

Over the past several years, Horner has been picking over the skeletons of Late Cretaceous dinosaurs from North America in an attempt to figure out whether some of the dinosaurs labeled as distinct species are actually growth stages of a single species.

In Tarbosaurus news, a skeleton reveals that juveniles may have had different hunting and eating habits from their parents. Tarbosaurs ("alarming lizards") are relatives of Tyrannosaurs. Scans of the bones were done at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, Ohio:

"One thing that we see in other tyrannosaur species is evidence that maybe some of these young animals actually palled around in groups of juveniles - sort of rambling gangs of young tyrannosaurs - potentially even avoiding the adults."

"Rambling gangs of young tyrannosaurs"... I imagine them snapping their fingers and avoiding Officer Krupke. You can read more here and here.

And finally, Sam Neil (aka Dr. Alan Grant) says there will be no Jurassic Park 4. Sigh.