The Romney campaign wants you to meet Ryan King, who is miserable because of Barack Obama's economy, and baloney sandwiches:

But the Wall Street Journal discovered that King, who is the vice chairman of his county's Young Repubican organization, might not have it all that bad:

According to his Facebook and MySpace pages, [King] graduated just last month from Northwood University in Midland, where he studied accounting, was a residential adviser and mail clerk. On May 6, just as he was graduating, he announced that he “got the job, booya!!!” at Quality Marketing Enterprise, a Midland company.

On June 10, he cut the Romney video, telling his Facebook friends, “Last night went great and I hope that I make the final cut. It would be refreshing to be part of something nationwide. Off to work for the day.”

It is clearly a crime that Mr. King is not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company more than one month after graduating from college. I blame Obamacare. Oh, the misery! If Ryan King is the new Joe the Plumber, we're in for a very long election cycle.