The thing about campaign kickoff events, is that unless you get tossed out, they're not really news. The real news, that Rep. Jay Inslee is running for governor, came last week, when he announced his kickoff. Or maybe the day before, when the kickoff announcement itself was leaked. And even that wasn't really news, considering that Inslee has never been shy about his intentions, and in some ways has been running for years.

So yeah, Inslee didn't make much news this morning. That said, in response to a question at his post-speech press conference, Inslee did clarify his support for marriage equality, embracing the issue in no uncertain terms.

"I believe in marriage equality. And the reason I believe in that, is that I've been married for 38 years, and I fundamentally believe that no government and no politician should deny any of my fellow Washingtonians the right to have what I have, which is a stable, committed, meaningful relationship."

"So I'm going to support the legalization of that equality in the state of Washington," Inslee says, apparently implying an intent to take action, before going on to say that this is a "place where I think Washington should lead." Interestingly, Inslee makes a point of proposing to do it in a way that would acknowledge the rights of religious organizations, echoing the compromise that ultimately led to passage in New York state.

Hmm. Sounds like may have put some thought into this.