Attention, whores and whore enthusiasts: Today Seattle Municipal Court judge Fred Bonner granted the city's request to eliminate a Capitol Hill anti-prostitution zone (backstory here), based on Seattle police statistics that showed prostitution arrests dropping on Capitol Hill and rising in the Seattle Center/Westlake area.

From judge Bonner's order:

Based on the information and evidence presented it was determined that the West Precinct area should be reconfigured to include the following: The areas bounded by Mercer Street on the North, Fifth Avenue North on the West, Fifth Avenue on the Southwest, Lenora Avenue on the Southeast and Westlake Avenue on the East.

And exclude the following: (1) The area bounded by Virginia on the North, Columbia Street on the South, Ninth Avenue on the East and First Avenue on the west; (2) The area bounded by East Pine Street on the North, East Pike Street on the South, Tenth Avenue on the East and Ninth Avenue on the West.

Women who've been arrested for prostitution are prohibited from being in these anti-prostitution zones without a legitimate reason (note: sex with strangers is apparently not a legitimate reason). Better watch where you're walking, ladies.