"Y'all had a hand in this," writes Jocelyn at Spreading Santorum, "so I hope that you'll correspondingly do your part to support it. If you need the back story, it started here, was on the wrong end of a shit-storm here, and was re-worked here."

And now here it is, Sloggers: the new, improved, and crowd-sourced for your approval Pro-Choice Pledge:

I pledge the following to the members of the Susan B. Anthony List and the citizens of the United States of America:

1. If I become pregnant and decide that ending the pregnancy is the best course of action, I will have an abortion.

2. I respect the right to obtain a safe and legal abortion, even in situations where I would not abort.

3. If I become pregnant and opt not to have an abortion, I will remember that my choice would have been meaningless without the right to choose, and will continue to defend that right.

4. I will support universal access to affordable contraception and accurate sex education, with the full knowledge that it is easier and safer to prevent an unwanted pregnancy than to end one.

5. If I am able, I will donate to Planned Parenthood and/or other organizations that defend my right to choose.

Sign the Pro-Choice Pledge here.