McGinn, Conlin Introduce Package to Spur Job Growth


I worry about the graffiti-loving tag-enabled mobile Tofurkey vendors driving down property values.
This is surprising in two ways: it sounds like a really good idea, and McGinn and Conlin are cooperating on something.
This is ridiculous. I appreciate the gesture, but my sister just got laid off by the city. She was a concrete finisher for SDOT and had been working there for almost 15 years and was very close to retirement. She was laid off because of "budget cuts." He put a lot of people out of work so he could make jobs for others. We're pretty much in the same place we started.
I am happy to read this, as "home businesses and mobile vendors" is the way of the future. I empathize with #3, but as the economy continues to contract, what we currently think of as normal jobs will become less common. People will be creating more goods and services in their homes and selling them in public places. The income is less, but it's better than nothing.