New places for stuffing faces! And, for a sense of closure, Now Closed (including the fates of Licorous and the terribly named A Caprice Kitchen). Click through for more info or to write your own damn review.

· BA BAR on Capitol Hill: Ba Bar, in the former Watertown Coffee space, is a mostly Vietnamese street-food and noodle spot from Eric Banh (of the delicious upscale Vietnamese of Monsoon, as well as the sandwich deliciousness of Baguette Box). In the kitchen: Josh Hart from the Capitol Hill Monsoon. On the opening menu: Hue dumplings ($6), grilled sardine with cumber and dried shrimp ($8), five-spice duck leg confit in fresh-egg-noodle soup ($9). Also: breakfast including congee with pork belly (sounds a little like Monsoon's weekend brunch: YUM). Also-also: cocktails including mint juleps and Moscow mules served in proper silver and copper cups. With the peculiar Watertown clutter removed and the white marble bar reconfigured, the space looks simple and great. ($-$$)

Bar del Corso
  • Bar del Corso

· BAR DEL CORSO on Beacon Hill: Brought to you by Beacon Hill resident Jerry Corso (Cafe Lago, Harvest Vine, Campagne, Crow, more), Bar del Corso serves wood-fired pizza made with local/seasonal/etc. ingredients; the full bar features Italian wines, apertivi and digestivi, local beers, etc. It’s where the Beacon Pub used to be (which was, at last report, moving to a space with cheaper rent in Hillman City). In a symbolic, possibly sentient act, the imported-from-Naples pizza oven broke the sidewalk in front while being moved in. But by all accounts, Corso is a good guy and a great cook; if awesome dives must close, at least there can be non-chain, probably excellent pizza. ($$)

The Forge Lounge, the return of World Pizza, more Capitol Hill sushi...

· THE FORGE LOUNGE downtown: Located on the pedestrian-elevated-walkway-thingie that leads from 1st and Marion to the ferry terminal, the Forge Lounge is a bar with a “relaxed industrial revolution theme” and quite fine-sounding sandwiches. It actually looks pretty basic and totally pleasant, and the people seem really nice. ($)

World Pizza returns!
  • The Facebook of World Pizza
  • World Pizza returns!

· WORLD PIZZA in the International District: They're back! Fifteen years after they shut down the Belltown World Pizza, brothers Adam Cone and Aaron Croselycone (he got married and got a new combo-name) have a new World Pizza in the I.D. The pie is thin-crust with "spicy, flavorful sauce" and whole-milk mozzarella, and this time around it's all vegetarian (the veggie pepperoni is locally made Field Roast chipotle veggie sausage). House wine (chianti and pinot grigio) is five bucks a glass, and Adam's making chocolate-chip cookies (he'll give you his recipe). ($)

· PIZZERIA 22 in West Seattle: More pizza! Named in honor of Naples pizza shop Ventidue, Pizzeria 22 is owned by Cary Kemp, who also owns mobile-pizza-venture Inferno Catering. His pizza bona fides are pretty damn good, including time at Via Tribunali, Snoose Junction, and Pizzeria Pulcinella. Also: a full bar. ($$)

· SAIZEN SUSHI on Capitol Hill: This conveyor-belt sushi place is swankier than most (and definitely swankier than Genki down Broadway), with a black-and-white-and-dark-wood color scheme, the nicest treatment of an acoustic-tile ceiling you've seen in a long time, and a flagstone wall with geometric shelving behind the bar. The owner has managed two area kaiten sushi places before, and he says "saizen" means "the best of the best—we're trying!" The standard assortment of rolls and nigiri and etc. rolling by taste fine, and you'll be hard-pressed to spend a lot of money here. (At this writing, the color-code for the prices on plates of sushi is far away and sometimes behind a light fixture, but they'll write it down for you if you ask, and presumably they'll fix this. Also, Saizen, please get beer and sake!) ($)

· PHOENIX CAFE downtown: After the Tully’s here closed, two baristas who worked there rose again with Phoenix, serving Fonte coffee. Seems worthy of support! (1017 Third Ave, 466-1906, $)

MORE! Click through for more info: LOCAL 360 MERCANTILE in Belltown: selling locally sourced produce, dairy, and products from the (pretty great) Local 360 kitchen (sauces, baking mixes), with an in-house butcher! · THE BRIDGE in West Seattle: pub grub, small plates, and bridge-themed drinks (Bridge Jumper, Bridge to Nowhere, etc.) · MOLLY MOON’S downtown: now scooping inside Chocolate Box · THE PANTRY AT DELANCEY in Ballard: classes, dinners, community events, catering, etc. from the great Neapolitan pizza place · SHIMA in Wallingford: sushi from the people behind Hawaiian Breeze · TRAGO COCINA & LOUNGE in South Lake Union: same owners as Citrus, with “a loud, fun, party atmosphere after dark”


· BARRIO in Bellevue: The Heavy Restaurant Group public-relationses, “After two years in downtown Bellevue, we realized that the Barrio concept… wasn’t succeeding at the same rate as our other restaurants”; will become an event/catering space; other Barrio still open

· A CAPRICE KITCHEN in Ballard: The well-meaning, endearing spot will be taken over by “a wonderful couple” who’ll keep doing a locally sourced menu, says chef Anne Catherine.

· HUARACHITOS TACQUERIA in Columbia City: A homemade pink sign on site said, heartbreakingly, “Sorry there was a fire. We love you. We hope you understand.—Jose and Ana.” They are reportedly determined to come back.

· LICOROUS on Capitol Hill: Sad now, but happy when Jamie Boudreau opens his bar Canon there

· OASIS CAFE on Capitol Hill: How did it last so long?

· SEZONI on Queen Anne: Never knew it was open

· SHOPHOUSE within Licorous: Bound to reappear somewhere (and still at the Columbia City farmers market)

· TWIST and VENTANA in Belltown: Tears are not being shed.

This post was written with the valiant assistance of Chow intern Katherine Long.