First, the video, in which an uppity couple outside an Alabama Walmart freaks out hard enough to warrant police attention.

Then, the question-answering, icky-feeling-reducing backstory:

Anthony Scott Smith, 41, and his wife, Chrisanna Elizabeth Smith, 40, of Scottsdale, Arizona, were arrested Friday and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and second-degree assault on a police officer. According to Lt. Thurston Bullock, the couple became irate when they saw Officer Caleb Bibby in Walmart shortly before 11 p.m. Friday. They approached him aggressively, accusing him of treason and of shopping on duty and telling the officer he was under federal investigation, Bullock said.

According to Bullock, the situation escalated as follows: The couple was waiting by the door when the officer left the store and began shouting and encroaching on the officer. They created such a public disturbance, in Bibby's view, they broke the law, giving the officer probable cause to arrest them...

Full story (with mugshots) here.

To close, a poll.