Holy shit. Wonkette brings news of "more than 40 anti-environment amendments and policy riders [House Republicans have added] to the Interior Appropriations bill." This is the second time I've made this Republican-to-cartoon analogy today, but this really does sound like a plot created by a Captain Planet villain. Here are a few of the amendments and riders:

·Blocking EPA from regulating deadly pollution like mercury, smog, and soot from power plants and cement plants. The pollution that these facilities would then be allowed to spew could cause up to 27,800 premature deaths.
·Opening up lands immediately next to the Grand Canyon to uranium mining, despoiling one of the most iconic landscapes in the United States, and potentially contaminating its waters with radioactivity.
·Stripping Clean Water Act protections for the drinking water sources of 117 million Americans.
·Driving endangered plants and animals to extinction, by preventing federal agencies from listing any species as endangered or protecting their critical habitats.

The Sierra Club has posted a form to help you contact your representative. I would encourage you to do so.