On the heels of such Capitol Hill Block Party-induced madness as Les Savy Fav's potted-plant-throwing mostly-naked frontman, a wandering wizard man, and TV On The Radio's evident disdain for encores* comes a report that Marination Station, the purveyor of delicious meat sandwiches on Capitol Hill, got a special surprise this weekend, according to neighborhood blog Capitol Hill Seattle:

  • Ouch!

According to Seattle Police, officers were called to the restaurant for a report that a highly inebriated male had locked himself in the bathroom, had removed a ceiling tile and was now crawling around in the Marination Station ceiling. After 20 minutes of the shenanigans as officers told the man to exit the ceiling through the same route he had entered, the man suddenly busted through the tiles and into the kitchen of the small restaurant, creating a reported five square-foot hole above.

Magellan The man—who wasn't seriously injured—was arrested and booked into jail for investigation of burglary and property damage. They were able to reopen Sunday for the final day of Block Party.

*Who DOES that?