Marla Cooper was 8 years old when, she tells ABC News, she saw her uncle Lynn Doyle Cooper at her grandma's house in the Pacific Northwest around Thanksgiving. He was "wearing a white t-shirt and was bloody and bruised and a mess," she says. "I was horrified. I began to cry. I asked them what happened. They told me that they'd been in a car accident."

ABC News reports that Grandma's house was "eerily near" where famed hijacker D. B. Cooper is thought to have landed after parachuting out of a plane with $200,000 on November 24, 1971. The D. B. Cooper case is the only unsolved airplane hijacking in American history—his identity has never been confirmed—and the case has "haunted the bureau for years," ABC News says.

"I was spying on them from around the back of my grandmother's house and I heard my uncle say, 'We did it. Our money problems are over.'" In 1995, before he died, her father allegedly confirmed that her uncle was D. B. Cooper. Marla Cooper is reportedly working on a book about this case but ABC News says that's not her motivation for coming forward.