This Woman Says Famed Hijacker D. B. Cooper Was Her Uncle


So there was a Cooper residence "eerily near" where D.B. Cooper was thought to have landed? And the FBI didn't look into it?

That's some top notch police work.
So the guy smart enough to pull all this off gave his real last name when he bought the plane ticket? I think I'm going to file this under yet another person trying to milk the D. B. Cooper mistery.
Meh. False memory syndrome.
"not her motivation for coming forward." Like how Jane Fonda always seems to have a movie come out just after she publicly apologizes for the Hanoi Jane fiasco? It's coincidence, I swear!
A family named "Cooper" who owned a place in the vicinity of D. B. Cooper's jump? Either @ 1 is right, or @ 2-5 are.
Isn't it against the law to withhold information about a crime? When her father confirmed it on his deathbed in 1995, shouldn't she have gone to law enforcement then?

The identification as "L.D. Cooper" is odd, too. The hijacker never said his name was "D.B. Cooper"; he said "Dan Cooper". D.B. Cooper was a real person, living in Portland, who was interviewed by the FBI and cleared. D.B. Cooper didn't do it, but somehow his name stuck to the case. There was absolutely no reason at all to think that the real hijacker used his initials.

I say "bullshit". There have been hundreds of people like this "coming forward" with crap they made up or misremembered.

However, I'll mention to 1 and 5 that it doesn't say anywhere that her grandmother was named "Cooper" as well. Almost everyone has at least one grandmother with a different last name.

I still say "bullshit".
I thunked it was Kenny Christiansen:
@9 - It was Princess Anastasia. Everybody knows that.
Or, here's a thought, some evidence pops up on the horizon and we say "Huh, that's interesting," and go back to whatever we were doing (or not doing) while the investigation grinds along, realizing that, whoever "D.B. Cooper" finally turns out to have been, it will never make the slightest difference to any of us.

If true, thats a first rate blood line to carry. Marry a Sasquatch and her kids are set NW cred style.
My aunt and uncle, the Coopers, lived in the Pacific NW at that time. My aunt still does.
You might be interested to know that Fnarf once jumped out of a plane with something less than $200,000 on his person.
D.B Cooper was also the Lindbergh baby
He never left the plane. It was all a publicity stunt by the airlines and everyone on the plane was in on it.
@ 8, it's a good bet that her name was Cooper. After all, would she be hanging out with the brothers of her son- or daughter-in-law at holiday time, or her own sons?

Not definitive proof, obviously, but it's a safer call than any scenario I can think of to explain a different last name (divorced? Not likely, given her generation).

No, it's not a crime to keep information to oneself, unless you do so in the context of sworn testimony or in defiance of a court order.