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I've raved about local cartoonist Nate Simpson's comic book Nonplayer on two separate occasions. I went to his Free Comic Book Day signing at Arcane Comics and talked with him a little bit about the comic. The second issue is still underway, and he said the whole story is mapped out. He said he was excited to get the whole thing on the stands.

Turns out, someone else is excited about the story, too: Superhero Hype says Warner Brothers is planning on making Nonplayer into a movie:

Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to Nate Simpson's Image comic book series Nonplayer, Variety reports...David Heyman, best known for producing the Harry Potter films, is attached to produce alongside Roy Lee (The Ring, The Departed) with the project being eyed as a potential studio tentpole.

Movie deals are a blessing and a curse in the comics world. They're great because they provide much-needed revenue for cartoonists, who are ordinarily not privy to outlandish things like "salaries" and "health insurance." But a lot of great cartoonists—two examples that have broken my heart in the past are Rob Schrab and Aaron Augenblick—hear the Hollywood call and then never really return to the drawing board in a meaningful way. We've lost a lot of great comics that way.

So! Congratulations to Simpson, and get back to work on Nonplayer # 2 right now, please.