A visiting South Korean man was found lying face down in the street near the corner of 3rd Avenue and Battery Street after being kicked by one of his companions during the early hours of Saturday, August 6, according to an incident report filed by Seattle Police officer Britt Sweeney. (Yes, that Britt Sweeney.)

When she found him, Sweeney's report says, the man had lacerations on his arms, was "not able to breathe on his own," appeared to be merely "semi-conscious and semi-alert," and was "unable to respond to questions."

Sweeney says that when she arrived, another officer was already at the scene. King County Sheriff's Deputy Paul (Deputy Paul's first name is not given) reportedly told Sweeney that he saw the man "fall onto his face and into the lane of travel on the west side of the street. As soon as [he] hit the ground, Deputy Paul stated he saw [one of the man's female companions] run from the sidewalk and kick [him] twice in the head."

When Deputy Paul got out of his cruiser, the report continues, two of the victim's three companions fled the scene, but not the woman who kicked the man's head—she was caught and arrested. Meanwhile, the man—who had been face down in 3rd Avenue—attempted to leave the scene and abandon his shattered glasses in the street. Deputy Paul convinced the victim to stay and called for medical assistance. Medics spent "approximately 20 minutes" treating the victim with various methods, including "intubation and medication to stabilize [the victim's] heart rate, which was dropping." The report also states that the man had high blood alcohol content, though the exact number is redacted.

Officer Sweeney took the suspect to the precinct and obtained a written statement, in which she "admits to kicking [the victim] with all of her force in his head. [The suspect] claimed she did this because [the victim] punched her, chipping her tooth." However, the report continues, "No injuries were visible on [the suspect], nor was a chipped tooth seen." The man was taken to Harborview and the woman was booked into jail.