No Youth Labor


How big of a mess would your children have to make to induce you to reconsider this position? Hope they read Slog.
Clever. I'm gonna guess 50-60 comments? What is the typical comment/page-view ratio?
Oh shit!! A Republican in the making!!
From the man whose desk looks like this.

I think I'd rather be able to find shit, not have allergens piling up in my shit, and not run the risk of having vermin all up in my shit. No virtue in it, just clear thinking. Ahem, Charles.
You'll never raise a good German that way.
Huh? Children shouldn't do housework? Hmm? I part with you on this one. I believe "chores" or "housework" disciplines a child benignly and helps instill a "work ethic". I believe I am better off having had my Mom or Dad direct me to "mow the lawn", "vacuum the carpet" or "scrub the toilet, bathtub and/or wash basin". I think it constructive.
We all have to remember Charles had household servants to pick up after him as a child, he can't imagine putting his own toys away.
God, I really really hope Charles is being sarcastic here. If not, who the hell does he think should do it all? The mother?
Learning to maintain a household (cleaning, cooking, budgeting both money and time) are neccesary parts of a child's education.
meh. he's trolled better.
Judging from photos of your desk, I'm guessing you don't think anyone should do housework, ever.
Oh, Charles. Is it you or is it me? Have you stopped trying or have I just become jaded?
As soon as your born they make you feel small,
By giving you no time instead of it all,
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all,
A working class hero is something to be,
A working class hero is something to be.
You're right, of course. Have the servants do it, you silly woman! Heaven forfend your child should actually, I dunno, LEARN to do anything useful. After all, he'll have servants to do for him when he gets older, right?
Charles, you are the trollest.

It's not so much that I mind you trolling it up; it's that I can't believe you actually get paid for it.
Please don't have children.
This is some pretty lazy trolling.
Mudede, I don't know if I should take you at your written word anymore.

Either you are always sarcastic and hyperbolic, in which case, nothing you write should ever be taken seriously; instead always with ironic grains of salt, forever sifting the sands of your words for their actual meaning OR you actually believe the crap you spew on SLOG OR you're keepin'on trollin'on for page-views.

I DARE you, Mudede, to write a few coherent sentences in which your meaning cannot be confused. We might find out you have very little to actually say, though...
I think this will be our Friday bar argument (bargument?). Wheee! Thanks Charles, you're doing important work.
He shouldn't have to pay transit fares either!
Then you're a shitty dad Charles. God I hope this is just a joke.
This has to be the stupidist thing I've ever heard. I'm personally glad I my parents had me do chores. I learned to take care of myself and now can live as an independent human being that keeps her house clean. Shocking, I know! The parents shouldn't be the only ones responsible (and let's be honest, it would 70% be the wife). You clearly come from privilege.
Oh come on Charles, surely you can do better than that? Such lazy, transparent trolling. You're grounded for a week young man, and on dish-duty for two!
Nonsense. These ashtrays aren't going to wipe themselves, after all.
I've lived with enough roommates who never had to lift a finger when they were growing up. all I can say is please teach your children how to take care of themselves.
Charles hates Germans.
Isn't Charles a communist? Doesn't communism rely on everyone pitching in and doing their share?

Or is teaching children to have a work ethic and personal pride part of the great capitalistic indoctrination system?
@9 I dunno, this one nabbed twenty seven comments so far. I'd say this trolling expedition worked better than some others.
somehow, I think any kid who repeatedly threatens their mum they'll call the cops on them for "forced labour" is not being overly controlled.

Reminds me of that kid who was angry over plane delays because he was supposed to be in Florida getting a tan on his back.
The kid I was referring to here:…
The question that's been lurking at the back of my mind for so long has finally been answered. Charles is a comedian; I don't have to read his posts with more than skimming attention ever again. Excellent!
"Empty moralizing" used in this context would be that act of expounding upon morals that are ultimately empty of meaning.

I don't see how you can equate the verbs "forcing" and "moralizing". Or, am I missing something profound here?
I've seen your office chuck, and just the photo almost made me puke. Worse than a rad midden, I cant imagine the smell must less the stench that emanated from your presumably filthy house. Or at home do you have your white wife clean up after you. Reparations for "500 years of oppression" and all that.
Ok, so I'm pretty new to Charles Mudede, but I know he's a teacher, and I also notice everyone of his posts is accompanied by a barrage of posters picking on him, and getting as personal as possible....

This is a student - teacher dynamic, yes?
And Mr Mudede has lost control of the class, but has decided to stick around, and make an artform out of losing control of the class, yes?
I hate cleaning too. Everything just gets dirty again.
My dog loves to fetch rocks. She dives into the water and comes back with the same one I threw. How can she do that without smelling my hand on it?