If you're tired of funding white guys who mutter promises of financial support to moral monsters, you should think about joining a credit union. Last week, I had a problem with my financial institution—maybe this is a story I'll tell you sometime, when the bastards are not still holding all my money—that inspired me to look for a new place to bank with. So I asked Questionland: What's the best credit union in Seattle?

The responses so far have been absolutely great. Seattle really loves their credit unions! And while several institutions have been named, the overwhelming favorite right now is BECU. Christina L says this:

July 1 we noticed mortgage rates had dropped enough to make refinancing look good. We apply for a 15-year mortgage, get approved in forty minutes. Four days later BECU introduces a new loan product: a fee-free twelve-year mortgage. We are slapping our heads denigrating ourselves for our bad timing. I call BECU and they switch us to the twelve-year, saving us $6700 in refinance fees and $8700 in interest, lickety-split. I liked BECU a lot before we moved our mortgage to it, but I love it now.

And Sacrelicious says this:

BECU. I've been with them for 15 years and love it. They're super-helpful in person AND on the phone, the rates are great, and I can do all my financial work (checking, savings, Visa, Roth IRA's) on one webpage. The only fee I've ever had was for one late credit card payment ($25). That's all.

I didn't expect the response to be as passionate—about a credit union?—or as overwhelming. If you're thinking about the place where you keep your cash, (and these days, everyone should be thinking about the place where they keep their cash) I suggest you go read the whole thread.