ONE WEEK FROM TODAY on the lovely rooftop deck of downtown's Hard Rock Cafe, it's the Jimmy Hendricks Manpurse Happy Hour!

On Wednesday, AUGUST 31, from 5 to 8 p.m., let all fans of Slog, The Stranger, rock and/or roll, lovely outdoor rooftop decks, and/or cheap booze gather together!

Get a commemorative photo with a certain deceased Seattle rock star's manpurse, which may or may not still contain hits of LSD (it's behind glass, don't even think about it)! We cannot name the deceased rock star for legal reasons, but the Hard Rock Cafe has the manpurse as a part of its extensive rock and/or roll memorabilia collection. We're inviting this happy hour's namesake, one James Hendricks of Seattle, and we shall also see if our dear friend Tom Skerritt can join us.

Mark your calendars! Drink specials—and they are good—after the jump.

· $5 boilermakers—a draft beer with shot of Jim Beam
· well drinks for $3.30 each (Smirnoff, Beefeater, Bacardi, Sauza, Cutty Sark, Jack Daniels)
· half-off draft beers ($2.60 to$3.10 each) and Washington wines ($3.15 to $4.50)
· plus half-off most appetizers.

The Jimmy Hendricks Manpurse Happy Hour!