Chef Marcello Giuffrida of Ristorante Doria: actually Italian, loves his mom.
  • Chef Marcello Giuffrida of Ristorante Doria: actually Italian, loves his mom.

This post was written in part by valiant Chow intern Katherine Long.

Here’s an all-starred list of new restaurants and bars (with a few caveats), with something for pretty much everyone—a couple new food trucks, a couple places named after people’s maternal relatives, lots of bananas. Let us know if you've tried them in comments!

* DOT’S DELICATESSEN in Fremont: From Miles James, who used to work at Cremant and now owns a sausage cart in West Seattle, Dot’s is a delicatessen that serves “high-end” lunch foods—namely handmade sausages and muffuletta. James describes the place as “half a butcher shop, half a place you can dine in... with lots and lots of local cuts of meat, Belgian frites, and hot dogs.” Dot is James’s grandmother’s nickname (awww!). ($)

* RISTORANTE DORIA in the University District: In the old Mamma Melina location, Ristorante Doria serves reportedly awesome Italian food (especially gnocchi) made by a real-live Italian guy: Chef Marcello Giuffrida was born in Rome. The restaurant is named after his mom (awww!). Our friend Karin says: “It is delicious.” Also: gluten-free pasta. ($$–$$$)

* BEEHIVE BAKERY in the Central District: Kosher-certified Beehive, where Philly Cheesesteak used to be at 23rd and Union, serves sweet, savory, and some gluten-free baked goods. Goldy reports that the interior is “[pause]… unassuming.” He brought a cream-cheese cinnamon roll into the office, and it was certified GOOD by several tasters. ($)

More, including the re-popping-up of Shophouse (starred!) and Now Closed (including a dead Chapel and goodnight forever to the Night Kitchen)...

* OUTWEST in West Seattle: OutWest is a neighborhood gay bar serving burgers and other pub fare in a space that’s a meld between “the Old West and Sunset magazine,” owner Bob Lunke told West Seattle Blog. Starred because: gay bar in West Seattle! ($)

* BANADIR RESTAURANT in Columbia City: In true Somali style, everything—even the spaghetti—comes with a banana at Banadir. ($)


* BIGFOOD TRUCK on the road: Bigfood serves “slow-braised meats with Caribbean and Indian flavors” on made-to-order flatbread ($8 or $9 each) out of a truck that looks like a camouflage vehicle for Sasquatch stalkers. It’s run by two guys named Matthew (though one goes by Tyler). “Both Matt and I are from the Midwest, and as kids we had a fascination with the legend of Bigfoot,” The-Matt-Who-Goes-By-Tyler says. ($)

* KASTOORI GRILL downtown: In the former 94 Stewart space, Nepalese sisters Bina and Sudha Bogati serve Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian cuisine claiming to be the most authentic in Seattle. There’s a lunch buffet and “Indian beer to fill your stomach without emptying your wallet!” according to their Facebook page, which also contains anything you’d ever want to know about the health benefits of Indian food. ($–$$)

* SNOUT & CO. on the road: Snout & Co.’s motto is “Soulful food from Cuba to South Carolina.” Accordingly, they serve lots and lots of pork—in sandwiches, bowls, and on plates. But even “little vegetarian bellies” are guaranteed to “leave smiling”: The menu is heavy on collard greens and offers a black bean burger. ($)

* THE CHIEFTAIN on Capitol Hill: The Chieftain is another Irish-themed pub from the couple who own Finn MacCool’s in the U-District and McGilvra’s in Madison Park. The name is reportedly less about neighboring Seattle University’s retired-for-political-incorrectness former mascot than the Irish chieftains of yore; contrariwise, the grub is more American than Irish, so, you know, burgers and pizza instead of boxty and coddle. Starred for thirsty S.U. students. ($)

* SPLASH LOUNGE in Belltown: Chef John Gaffud (Wabi-Sabi) is in the kitchen at Splash Lounge, which serves a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine in a very, very Belltown-esque space. Starred for… you know who you are. ($$–$$$)

Phinney Market Pub & Eatery
  • Phinney Market Pub & Eatery

* PHINNEY MARKET PUB & EATERY in Phinney Ridge: P.M.P.&E. is where the Phinney Market (with its quirky a-couple-meals-a-week-in-the-store restaurant) used to be. The space looks old-fashionedy-nice—a copper ceiling, printed wallpaper, antiquey mirrors—and the menu’s pastries and sandwiches by day, with upscale-but-not-super-expensive entrees added at night Also: a play area, and lots of wine for parents after they deposit the kids in the play area. Starred for that. ($–$$)

* COOL WHIRLED in Fremont: Cool Whirled offers self-serve, pay-by-weight froyo, which connoisseurs say is the best way to obtain your froyo fix. They are not wrong. Surprisingly, Cool Whirled is not a chain—so, a star. ($)

REOPENING: * SHOPHOUSE on Capitol Hill: The Thai pop-up formerly housed in Licorous is re-popping-up at La Bête on Monday nights, starting August 29. It’s really good!


· CHAPEL on Capitol Hill: The bar-in-the-morgue died of tenant/landlord issues

· MADISON PARK CAFE in Madison Park: Will become Cafe Parco, an Italian restaurant from the good people of now-closed 94 Stewart—which, in turn, has already been reincarnated as Kastoori Grill, info above

· RIALTO PASTA BAR & GRILL in Fremont: No one knows why (yet); could re-open in the future, according to Fremont Universe

· THE NIGHT KITCHEN downtown: What happened, according to their Twitter: “Exactly what always happens to small restaurants, alas,” but tipper Callie says, “I went there once, drunk, and even then it wasn’t very good”

· V-BAR in Belltown: Now Splash Lounge, see above.