• The Stranger

Incredibly cute-in-a-good-way itty-bitty Eastlake restaurant Nettletown is shutting down. Sad! The last party is on Sunday:

Nettletown's Last Hurrah
4-7pm Sunday August 28th, $15 buffet

Nettletown is closing! This Sunday will be the last brunch service followed by this event for all of you, our great customers! We know you may be losing the cafe but another great neighborhood place is coming your way (we will tell you soon!)... Come celebrate with us! Buffet food only $15 and drink specials!!

The sweet-as-pie (made with local fruit, of course) proprietor, Christina Choi, isn't at the restaurant right now, but the gentleman who answered the phone there said she's closing down because she wants to focus on catering.

Choi took over the lease on the Eastlake strip-mall space from Matt Dillon at Sitka & Spruce when it moved up to Capitol Hill. When I interviewed her for Edible Seattle this past winter, she indicated that it had all happened really fast, and that running a restaurant was kind of a pain in the ass (though not in so many words).