Gallery made of paper.
  • Gallery made of paper.
Dirk Park and Jaq Chartier, the Seattle artists who've been behind such beloved projects as Platform Gallery and Aqua Art Miami (at Basel Art Miami Beach every December), are starting something in the ID: Prole Drift. (You'll have to figure out which direction the drift is moving.)

It's a paper gallery, meaning a gallery for works on paper. But that can mean anything. What's more important than the medium is who's involved—the first show, called An Empty Vase, is "a project by Jenny Heishman and Matthew Offenbacher" featuring Tim Cross, Nicholas Nyland, Gretchen Bennett, Chauney Peck, and Buddy Bunting.

The opening is this Thursday September 1, 5-9 pm, during First Thursday.

A new art gallery in this economy? Are they mad? I like it.