I left something important out of my review of Seven Days in Utopia, and it is the ending, which is why I originally left it out. But it is also the most interesting part of the film, and the rest of the film is not worth seeing, so it doesn’t seem hideous to tell you about it.

At the very end, after Robert Duvall’s character has released Lucas Black’s character from tutelage and sent him to a golf tournament to fulfill his dream (after Duvall converts Black to Christianity by touching his face, making him bury a piece of paper with all his “lies” on it, and telling him to “chisel [his] living epitaph” by literally carving his own mini-gravestone), Black faces the putt of his life. If he makes this shot, he’ll beat a super-famous golfer and win the game.

He takes the shot, and as the ball rolls toward the cup, the camera pans up and away from the green, with a cheesy voiceover from Duvall saying something to the effect of “Does it really matter if he wins?” Because, you know, he's found God, so who cares? And then it goes to a black screen that reads: “To continue the journey, go to www.DidHeMakeThePutt.com.”

It’s multimedia proselytizing! Or, I'm assuming it's proselytizing—it could just be a video of the putt. The site isn’t up until the movie's released tomorrow. I'm on pins and needles!