Tavi Gevinson, former prepubescent fashion blogger and darling of the fashion world circa 2009–2010 (she started blogging at 11; her parents didn't really know about it until she had to ask their permission to be in a New York Times Magazine article), has just started Rookie, "a new site for teenage girls."

They'll post three times a day: "Roughly when school ends, when dinner starts and when it’s really late and you should be writing a paper but are Facebook stalking instead." She said in an interview with New York magazine this week, "After being in all these meetings with publishing companies and advertisers and stuff, it's like everyone just wants to trick people into reading their website. If the content is good, people will read it—you don't have to create some funny little 'trying to be cutesy' gadget or whatever to coax them." She's 15.

It's pretty much the today-version of that zine your cool arty friend drew with a sharpie and xeroxed in the teacher's lounge. Actually, Tavi's so well-connected, this is really supposed to be the today-version of Sassy, the beloved '90s magazine. She used to hang out with Anna Wintour; now she hangs with Ira Glass.

It's totally adorable, and it makes me feel so old when I look at it that my bedtime is now 6:00 p.m.