Tomorrow at Grims bar on Capitol Hill, a bunch of women and lady-loving men are convening to drink and talk about reproductive rights. The happy hour starts at 5:30 p.m. and runs to 8:30 p.m. You should come.

It's easy for women living in Seattle to take their reproductive rights for granted because, hey, we're mostly liberal here. Who, in this city of arm-chair intellectualism and progressive knock-knock jokes, is going to deny women access to birth control, equate their bodies to fertile fields in need of a good plowing, or push to endow fetuses with civil rights?

Except that shit still happens. Just last month, Regence BlueShield was fined for denying the claims of roughly 1,000 Washington women who wanted their IUDs removed. And nationally, state legislatures have mounted full-scale assaults on women's reproductive rights, pushing through at least 80 new laws to restrict women's access to abortions.

If reading about the war on women's health enrages you—if it makes you want to spit and drink—you should stop by tomorrow. You'll be in good company (and frankly, Seattle needs more righteous ladies running around).