"Fucking Christ, will you guys bring some attention" to the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City this week, writes Slog tipper Phil. "It has been going on for over a week. If there were 10 Tea Partiers there, the press would be all over it." It's true that there hasn't been much press (Slog included, sorry), so here's the latest:

Video posted by the group Occupy Wall St from the eighth day of protests against corporations show police using Tasers and mace to control the crowd, which the group says has only made it more committed to keep up the demonstrations in lower Manhattan for the long haul. ...

Among the video clips on the Occupy Wall Street website is one that shows a police officer macing a group of young women penned in by orange netting. Another video has circulated of a police officer throwing a protester to the ground, though it is not clear why. The video shows the man standing in what seems to be a non-threatening manner before the incident.

This is the aforementioned video that apparently shows a police officer pepper spraying women penned behind netting:

Slow motion of the cop approaching and spraying the women here. There's a feed on Fire Dog Lake. And you can follow the protests on Twitter here.

Anyone who pepper sprays a person that can't realistically get away, and at point-blank range, should go to jail—whether he's a cop or not. That's unlikely to happen in this case, obviously, but by using these sorts of tactics, out-of-control cops are giving the protesters exactly what they want: national media attention.