Required Viewing: Kristen Wiig's Eyes


Cain won in Florida.

That is a slap against Perry.

The longer it drags out the better for Romney.

If Christie jumps in it will also be good for Romney.

He will flash then fizzle like Perry.

After everyone has taken their shot Romney will be there....
Dear The Stranger, thanks for posting the debates; I missed them up 'til now. That Cain fellow makes a lot of sense. He has my vote: Cain 2012!
forget Kristen Wiig - who was that playing Ron Paul? Scary!
SNL is still on TV? Why? Is it just filler so NBC has something to air on Saturday nights while real people are out having fun?
The Huntsman bit was funny.
Wow, a video from NBC actually worked. Too bad the first half of it was pretty pathetic.
If they had just played the entire debate again that would have been funnier than this. The republican candidates already seem like comedians playing fictional conservative characters, how did SNL make them unfunny???? I will give SNL credit for its consistent ability to make me feel like I will never laugh again.
Alec Baldwin is a treasure; the Shepard Smith guy was great ("A town of full of secrets" Yes!); the kitty cat sound effect was the kind of detail that suggests SNL may every now and then have some surrealistic comic spark. Overall, though, that show is a POS.
Aw, I disagree. I laughed and laughed.
The show is a POS; this skit was funny.
A great Santorum by Sandberg.