Posted last night and moved up with comments from the Weekly's editor.

The Seattle Weekly laid off at least two editorial employees today, according to a source speaking anonymously, while the paper's parent company, Village Voice Media (VVM), let go of writers and editors in its newsrooms around the country.

In Seattle, the company laid off staff writer Jonathan Kaminsky and web editor Zibby Wilder. Nationally, SF Weekly reportedly laid off four editorial staffers and Minneapolis-based City Pages cut two of its six writers. The source says VVM also laid off staffers at several other affiliates today, though exact numbers are unclear.

Not only faced with a difficult financial climate for business in general and the publishing industry in particular, Village Voice Media has faced financial hurdles in recent years following a jury ruling of illegal price-cutting practices, which later allowed the Bay Guardian to try collecting $21 million of the company's assets, and law enforcement linking VVM subsidiary to numerous cases of child prostitution.

Update: Seattle Weekly editor in chief Mike Seely says he doesn't expect further layoffs. Why let go of staff now? Seely cites "ongoing economic challenges—which impact every employer, much less publication, in the country." He adds, "Seattle Weekly will continue to put out a uniquely engaging editorial product with the smart, energetic team that remains in place. Jonathan and Zibby made wonderful contributions to the paper while they were here, and they will be missed."