To whoever actually reads this,

I'm writing to tell you that I am disappointed with your coverage of the Occupy Seattle protests and other Occupy protests. While you have certainly covered these protests more than most or any other publications, you haven't been critical enough of the approach. The lack of a specific message from these protests makes them almost useless. Yes they show how many people would support raising taxes on the rich and regulating corporations more/differently, but this will not solve the problem. The real problem with our economy is our country's useless and expensive occupations all over the world (mainly the middle east).

I propose a movement called "Don't Occupy Anywhere" that calls for an end to unnecessary American occupations. The issue with regulating corporations here is that those corporations can easily manufacture goods in countries without our regulations, something that is quite prevalent and very harmful to those other countries. So I say we let other countries run there own shit and regulate US companies away from destroying their countries' natural resources and things will probably get a lot better here.

Just an idea,