Guns Don't Kill People. Drunk Republican Assholes Kill People. (But, You know, the Gun Helps.)


more unfortunate gun news:…
Was the safety on?
Technically, it's the bullet that does it.

The gun is just an accomplice.

Kind of like how today the House helped outsource more US Jobs to Korea and Columbia.
Oh boy, stereotypes @ slog day! Are there any gay or jewish stereotypes that users want to pile onto this story about drunken redneck southern republicans?
Sounds like he wasn't in any condition to be operating a loaded automobile, much less a loaded handgun.
Hey Goldy. It's not far from you, because you keep doing it. But since you seem stuck on the notion that the only "real" Southerners are the white, male, conservative, dumb ones:

Flannery O'Connor, Louis Armstrong, Martin Luther King, William Faulkner, Jackie Robinson, Harper Lee, Carson McCullers, Mark Twain, John Kennedy Toole, Tennessee Williams, Zora Neale Hurtson, Truman Capote, Edgar Allan Poe (not born, but raised), Katherine Anne Porter, William Styron, Thomas Wolfe, Rosa Parks, BB King, W.C. Handy, Harriet Tubman, Jimmy Carter, Woodie Guthrie, Dizzy Gillespie, Frederick Douglass, Thelonious Monk, Ellen DeGeneres, Pete Fountain, Lillian Hellman, Mahalia Jackson, the Neville brothers, and... um... Britney Spears.
Oh, and Nina motherfuckin' Simone! I can't believe I left her off the list.
I (a Texan) used to argue as Brendan does. But that's misguided. Until we get rid of the scum in office and the ignorance in the spaces between the enlightened cities we deserve everything we get.
And here I thought Nina's middle name was Goddamn. I'm so embarrassed.
Oh, and for the record, my son was born in the South, and I still expect great, liberal things from him.
Having grown up in the South, I usually paraphrase from a song when asked to describe my relatives - cowboys, drunks, & Christians.
@ 5 - yah, seems like the car was more likely to dangerous in this incident.

Isn't there some sort of discount at Texas liquor stores for people with a concealed license permit? Maybe it was only the one in Killeen where my ex was stationed.
What kinds of stereotypes can we conjur up about a cyclists with a gun in his sweatpants and has it go off while he's out riding?…
I use a gun for work - hell, I spent all day at the range today, killing paper targets for the good of the country - but would never even touch a weapon while drunk, let alone carry one.

Still though, kind of bummed about the stereotype. Little beneath you.
like any southerner in the galaxy give a flying fuck what a squeaky self loathing jew bastard like goldy thinks....
@6 Don't forget George Washington Carver, Molly Ivins, Ann RIchards, or that tower of math-rock power, Slint.
Gov. Brown just signed a bill prohibiting open carry in California beginning Jan. 1, which I support. Seal Beach wacko (@1's link) apparently decided to beat the cutoff. But I'm sure if 10 or 12 gun-totin' righteous citizens had been standing around at various directions and distances from the action, they would have taken him out with the absolute minimum of collateral damage.…
Hey Goldstein, you dirty commie media Jew propagandist stereotype! 

What kind of hilarious stereotypes do you think we can glean from this story???

Far be it from me to to stereotype African-Americans as a bunch of violent, oversexed Nwords, but... well... um....

Metro Bus Driver Stabbed Near Wheaton Station

Updated: Wednesday, 12 Oct 2011, 6:28 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011, 7:04 AM EDT

WHEATON, Md. - Montgomery County police say a 28-year-old Metro bus driver has been stabbed by a passenger near the Wheaton station.

Police say the man was stabbed in the abdomen early Tuesday and was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities say the driver was picking up passengers at the Silver Spring station when he was told by several patrons that a man in the back of the bus had exposed himself and was masturbating.

As the bus approached the Wheaton station, police say the man got into a confrontation with a woman on the bus. The driver intervened and later realized he had been stabbed.

Police have identified the suspect as 52-year-old Victor McEachin of Silver Spring. He's been charged with assault and marijuana possession. He was taken to the Montgomery County jail.

The DUI was fine. But, why is possesing a handgun under the influence a crime? We have the right to be drunk in our homes with our guns.
Officers found a loaded Smith & Wesson .38 Special hidden between the driver’s seat and center console.

An affidavit charged that the lawmaker was “almost falling down at times” and “obviously very impaired and not in any condition to be carrying a loaded handgun.”

By the cop's own admission the pistol was HIDDEN. Therefore he was not CARRYING it.

Book the dipshit for DWI.
americans love their guns. that's just a really, REALLY big part of who we are as a people. guns aren't my thing, but the only effect of liberals opposing gun laws is to make sure that gun yahoos in this country (of which there are millions) will continue to vote republican even though they may disagree w/ the GOP on every other policy other than guns. just give it up, liberals. opposing gun rights gains you nothing while making sure that millions of people will never consider voting w/ you.
Brendan @7: I love Nina. But in my defense, I did at least acknowledge that it's just a stereotype.
@20 The law basically says you can no be carrying or otherwise have a gun under your control while intoxicated. So drunk at home with guns stored in a gun cabinet = okay. Drunk at home with a loaded gun on the table next to you = illegal. I find that completely reasonable.
I carry a gun because carrying a policeman is problematic for both of us.

And to be clear, it's Tennessee - that was probably his car gun. It's always there. The DUI is the bad part.
What @22 said. That's the real reason we got eight years of Bush. Thanks, liberals.
@21: If I hide a gun in my pocket, I am carrying it.
Is it me, or does Southerners saying "we're not all drunken, dun-toting louts" sound an awful lot like the "good Christians" saying "we're not all hateful homophobes"?
Problem with global media, people lose perspective. 1 in a million ... and it's "all those ...".
It's not just you. It's also every other bigot on the planet replacing "good Christians" and "Southerners" with some other group of people they've never met.
@30 was for @28, btw.
Well, this story pretty much guarantee's this guy's reelection.
BTW, did anyone read the article? The last paragraph or two really explains a lot about this charming human being.

"In 2010, Todd came under fire after he complained that Tennessee’s program to cover uninsured pregnant women would allow undocumented workers to “go out there like rats and multiply.”

The lawmaker later said that he should have said “anchor babies,” a term that many also find offensive."