Yeah, what the headline says.

Last night, 83 percent of the Occupy Seattle general assembly decided to move. And today, OccupySeattle announced on Twitter that "camping will probably expand to City Hall." Police have also announced "there will be arrests" of anyone who stays after 10:00 p.m.

But a few folks have been pushing to stay at Westlake. These were the "fight the power" loons who mucked up the larger group's earlier decision to move. They seem to be saying that the point isn't longevity, maintaining a presence, or keeping this issue in the media—it's just getting arrested.

If there are arrests tonight, chattering media yakkers will be tempted to say that those people are the Occupy Seattle movement. But by all indications, they're not. They're the slim minority. If a handful of outliers want to get arrested, great. They should just be civil in their civil disobedience. But if that handful of people break off from the group—that is, if over 100 people people decide to move to City Hall and just a few rabble stay behind—let's not tell ourselves that those few people are Occupy Seattle. Those are just the people who want to get arrested.

I also stick by what I said earlier: Occupying Westlake Park has been super: It enthralled the city to their cause. But now the occupation of Westlake—when the city has offered fine concessions—is a petty battle with the city, not the enormous powers that deserve blame for our fucked economy.