We're doing it here at The Stranger. Tons of people—36,447 people, as of right now!—are doing it on November 5th, now known as Bank Transfer Day (here's the Facebook page). You should too.

  • Aaron Huffman

Meanwhile, today either is or is not the day that Wells Fargo is instituting a $3 fee for debit cards. Tipper Chris wrote on Wednesday, "I left my ATM today with a warning from Wells Fargo that I looked into, and it turns out they're starting a monthly $3 fee for all debit card holders starting October 14." We had a trusty intern call, and they told her that "certain accounts in certain states" will get charged a $3 fee per month for using/having a debit card starting in November. Both Chris and the intern experienced long hold times, and both got the distinct sense that they weren't the only ones calling about this. B of A plans to introduce a $5 monthly fee soon for using your debit card for purchases as well. More on this bullshit here.