Goin' Medieval in Thurston County: Stepfather accused of punishing stepdaughter by forcing her to engage in hours-long medieval-style sword battle with him until she collapsed from exhaustion.

Soul Searching in China: Following release of video showing a toddler being struck twice by vans and then ignored by passers-by.

Hot for Justice: Advocacy group says a Tibetan nun set herself on fire to protest government repression in western China.

Swarm of Earthquakes: Around Mount Rainier.

Seattle Schools Scandal: Charges forthcoming!

Goody for Them: Bank of America earns $6.2 billion on accounting gains.

13 Years: Sentence given to Burien teen convicted of killing girlfriend over MySpace post.

Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap: It is done.

Occupy Wall Street: Reach the one-month mark.

Occupy Outer Space: British billionaire Richard Branson opens the world's first-ever commercial spaceport in the New Mexico desert, the new home for his company, Virgin Galactic.

Takes One to Know One?: A sergeant with the Seattle Police Department's Domestic Violence Unit was arrested over the weekend for investigation of domestic violence.

While Phoenix Jones Concludes His Media Blitz...: Seattle citizens in regular clothes chase and catch a downtown Seattle purse-snatcher.

Finally, happy birthday to Chuck Berry, whose amateur pornography exploits can't upstage his universe-enhancing musical contributions, and who was born on this day in 1926. Here he is making France love him.