HUMP!—still Seattle's biggest, best, and only amateur and locally-produced porn festival—kicks off today at 4 PM at On the Boards. There are still a few tickets available for today and tomorrow's 4 PM screenings—and a handful tickets are still available for the midnight screenings this weekend (order tickets here)—but all other HUMP! screenings are sold out. BUT! If you can't make a 4 PM screening, or you're not the midnight-amateur-porn-festival-show type, you can still get into HUMP! We sell rush seats on a first-come, first-serve basis before every screening, and we can usually manage to squeeze in most rushers. So if you want to come to a Friday or Saturday show at 6, 8, 0r 10, come down early and line up before the show and we'll see what we can do for you. (Rush ticket sales are cash only.)

And this is one HUMP! that you're not going to want to miss. I think it may be the hottest, funniest, scariest HUMP! ever. Tons of hot bodies, lots of amazingly-hot, never-seen-before-at-HUMP! sex acts, shit that will have you laughing your ass off and shit that will have you covering your eyes. And remember... if you miss HUMP!, you miss HUMP! These films will not be released online or anywhere else. (Well, they won't be released by us. Some filmmakers do release their films on their own, but most don't—most folks who participate in HUMP! to be porn stars for the weekend, not the rest of their lives.)

See you at HUMP!