You know all that talk about Amazon smothering their employees to the point of heat exhaustion in stifling, un-air conditioned, 100-degree-plus warehouses? Well, never mind. It turns out Jeff Bezos tries to balance things out by allegedly freezing his employees during the winter season.

Multiple warehouse workers were treated at hospitals for exposure after being outside, without coats, in temperatures below freezing for prolonged periods, including one night for about two hours, according to OSHA records.

Workers interviewed said Amazon forced them to remain huddled in the parking lot on frigid nights while many workers were wearing only shorts and T-shirts. After attendance was taken to make sure all employees evacuated, warehouse workers said they were not allowed to go to their cars to keep warm. Instead, they were instructed by warehouse managers to use one another's body heat and told that anyone caught going to their cars would be disciplined and could be terminated, workers said.

Apparently, Amazon was concerned about theft. Warehouse workers normally have to pass through metal detectors on their way out, and the false fire alarms were suspected to be a ruse to sneak merchandise out of the warehouse.

Fair enough. But that doesn't exactly give Amazon the moral or legal right to force their employees to stand outside for hours in sub-freezing temperatures, in nothing but shorts and T-shirts. On one night, according to OSHA records, six employees were treated for exposure at a local hospital. But, you know, at least nobody stole anything, so I guess the end justifies the means.

So sorry, Jeff, for accusing you of running a sweatshop. You're clearly not. At least during the winter months.