While visiting Manhattan, I had a strange conversation with a young Japanese woman. She was a friend of friend. I was staying at our mutual friend's apartment in Tribeca. She happened to be in the apartment when I returned from a day about the town. She appeared to be amazed by something in her mind. After a moment, she said: "A black man hit on me this morning."

"Was he aggressive, did he follow you here," I asked?

"No, nothing was wrong. I was just surprised a black man found me attractive. In Tokyo, all the black men date women who are much bigger than me. I do not have a big ass or hips, and so the black men in Tokyo never look at me. But here in New York, it actually happened. I could tell this black man desired me. He wanted to buy me breakfast. He wanted my phone number. I was very surprised." I was surprised to learn there are black men in Tokyo. "Mostly from Africa. And they date the same type of woman. I guess in New York there's more variety."

New York, New York, big city of dreams.