Secular Orientation


Wow. Makes me feel sorry I'm on the other side of the planet.
actually a good point.
and a milestone on the skip to Gommorah.
please don't act surprised when your civilization collapses.
or be hurt when no one mourns it.
Yep. This is exactly why I love HUMP and why I go back every year.
I don't understand why HUMP doesn't at least extend to the film makers the option of including their contribution on a HUMP DVD, which would be offered for sale after the festival was over. I get that many of the contributors would not participate if they thought their films would have a life beyond the festival, but if it was totally up to them, then why the hell not? The shy-types could still rest assured that their submissions would be seen only by those at the venue. Of course you'd have to make sure that all of the on-screen actors were okay with the DVD option. The filmmakers would have to decide before they made their films whether they wanted to be on the DVD, and if so, they'd need to gather actors of the same mind. The filmmakers could then share in the proceeds of the sales, with a significant portion going to a worthy charity (aid to sex workers perhaps). I suppose they already have the option of selling their films individually, assuming they retain ownership, but they'd likely get much greater sales and exposure with an official HUMP stamp of approval. Maybe the DVD option has been shot down because you don't want to attract professional porn companies. Well, then figure out how to deal with that. If the DVD scenario just isn't an option for whatever crappy reason life has come up with, how about this... take HUMP further on the road than just Portland! Again, the filmmakers should be given the option of whether they just wanted to play in Seattle or Portland, or be included in the wider release. HUMP could play around the country, one or two weeks at a time in a single city, similar to the Spike & Mike festival of sick and twisted animation. Think of all the people you could reach in far-flung places that would travel a few hours to say, Atlanta, or Austin, or Boston, to see something that tells them sex is not taboo, it's okay and people like to fuck, it's what we fucking do! I've never seen HUMP, but I'd sure as hell buy the DVD, or pay to see it at my local arthouse theater or alternative theater space. Okay, yeah, might be tough to find venues that would play it in some cities, but I think it could be done. Next year, let's all get HUMPED!
I've always been grateful to live in Canada, but I wish I could be in Seattle for this next year.
again, just reading about it makes me want to put "start a tampa version of hump" on my long list of things to do.. if i wasn't up to my eye balls in occupy stuff it would get higher billing.. for now, it's a dream.. but soon.. :)