It’s the holidays, and people are hungry.

In the last three years, the number of hungry families in Washington State has nearly doubled. In 2008, there were 88,000 hungry homes in this state. Now there are more than 160,000 homes with families who don’t have enough to eat.

They need our help. It costs only 67 cents to feed a family of three a meal through Northwest Harvest. This is urgent—times are terrible—so we’ve retired the Strangercrombie auction to concentrate on just raising money that goes straight to help some of the very neediest. (This is also not the year to ask local businesses to give away things to auction—they’re struggling, too.)

Let’s see how much we can help, Slog! Meanwhile, we can also show how much more generous (and smarter, and better looking) Slog readers are than Gawker’s by raising more money for charity than they do. From now through December 24th, we'll be tracking our charitable kicking of Gawker’s ass right here.

Let’s get started!

Plus, giving to the needy makes you an awesome person. Give to Northwest Harvest right now—whatever amount you can afford—and then forward us your receipt and we'll update your commenter handle with a tag that says AWESOME PERSON. Because you are awesome for helping.

Give now!