Occupy Seattle's legal team is filing an injunction in Thurston County Superior Court this afternoon, an attempt to prevent a camping ban on Seattle Central Community College from taking effect. The suit asks for an emergency temporary restraining order, which would freeze the camping ban passed unanimously by Seattle Community Colleges board earlier today.

I haven't yet seen the filings, but I spoke to one of the plaintiffs.

"I think that the board's decision and was an orchestrated theatrical action," says Ian Finkenbinder, an SCCC student who is among several student protesters named in the suit. "They had made up their minds before hearing comments today. I don't think this issue has had fair communication between Seattle Central and the occupation, and decision shows an unwillingness to include those in the student body."

UPDATE: Here's a draft of the injunction. Alleging that complaints of unsanitary conditions are faulty, the suit claims that the bans on tents "constitute arbitrary and capricious agency action" and "interferes with Plaintiffs' exercise of speech and assembly rights under the First Amendment."